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Doing Business in Guyana

Investment Protection

Rights and Guarantees

Under the Investment Act, the Government of Guyana provides various assurances to investors with respect to any investment made in Guyana, including the following:

  1. Not to compulsorily acquire or take possession of the investment unless for a purpose in law, on a non-discriminatory basis, with prompt payment of adequate compensation and with a right of access to the court system

  2. To allow investors to purchase or lease land in Guyana subject to existing laws

  3. Not to intervene in the management of investor’s activities, nor impose conditions on the sale, pricing or distribution of associated products, except in the pricing of utilities

  4. Guarantee the right of investors to determine the distribution of all profits and dividends, and to receive their share of such profits or dividends subject to settlement of corresponding tax obligations 

  5. To allow the employment of skilled and expert foreign personnel when necessary, with the approval of the relevant authority and in accordance with applicable laws

Transfers of Funds Abroad

The Investment Act also allows investors to transfer funds, subject to payment of applicable taxes, for the following purposes:

  1. Repatriation of dividends, earnings and capital 

  2. Remittance of proceeds of sale or liquidation of an investment

  3. Payment of interest on international loans

  4. Payment for imports

  5. Payment of fees for trademarks, royalties and management services

  6. Payment of licensing fees for franchising agreements 

Transfers of funds may be prevented however in circumstances of bankruptcy, insolvency, criminal proceedings, court orders or judgements or when necessary for the protection of stockholders or creditors.

Dispute Resolution

The Investment Act provides that in cases where disputes arise among investors or with the Government of Guyana, the following avenues are available if the matter is not amicably settled through consultation or mediation:

  1. Submit the dispute to arbitration under the Arbitration Act

  2. Refer the matter to the competent courts in Guyana

  3. Submit the matter to the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) of which Guyana is a member

The information contained in this website is for general guidance on matters of interest only and is not meant to be comprehensive. It is recommended that you obtain advice specific to your circumstances from professional advisors before proceeding.